A game of hangman anyone?

Every little girl dreams of the day she will become engaged. Of course everything is perfect – he’s the perfect guy, you’re wearing the perfect outfit, and you both say the perfect things.  For me that day came on November 27, 2008. 


Mike and I were in Puerto Rico for the 2nd Annual Popper Thanksgiving. We spent 3 days in the sun – tanning, paddle boarding, and drinking tiny Medalla Lights. Apparently, Mike also spent those days shuffling a diamond ring between him and his father.  Mike was waiting for the perfect opportunity to propose. I was completely oblivious.


Finally on Thanksgiving night after everyone had gone to bed Mike and I decided to play a game of hangman like we had done the night before.  We guessed song titles, movie titles, and celebrity names.  On Mike’s last turn he drew several lines on the chalkboard.  I started with the usuals, L – S – A, and finally had spelled out “Vanessa, Will You M A _ _ Me?” My heart was racing because I knew what was going on, but wanted to finish spelling it all out. Mike also began to get anxious. Then I pointed out that I thought I know the fourth word, but it was missing a letter.  He looked at the chalkboard counting out the letters on his fingers and realized he was in fact missing a letter. He added it in and I guessed two more letters: R and Y.


“Vanessa, Will You Marry Me?”

The Proposal

The Proposal


I gasped as Mike unveiled a ring box he had hidden beneath a baseball cap on the counter. I put on the ring and jumped up to give him a big hug as I was still numb with shock.


The excitement got the best of me and I didn’t sleep for the next few days!

Heart on the Sand

Heart on the Sand




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