Moving Weekend

Oh my gosh! I’ve never been so exhausted in my life. We’ve spent at least 12 hours a day for the last 4 days moving! Out of Deerfield, Weston, and West Dade to Brickell. A thousand trips, hundreds of boxes, lots of Swiffer cloths later and we have a nice (messy) home.

Thursday: Move-in Day 1

Rosa handing over the keys to our new home

Rosa handing over the keys to our new home

While Mike and Bob went to pack up all of the furniture from the Deerfield home, my parents and I met with the realtors to complete a full walk-through of the condo. After all the issues were documented and checks were exchanged the keys were finally OURS! Rosa (hand pictured), our realtor, was great!

Once the realtors were gone, the parentals and I stayed behind to take a few more pictures and take a closer look at the unit. We tested the hot water and immediately a NASTY, GAG-INDUCING smell filled the room. My mom and I went running to the balcony to get away from the stink. Soon the clear water was turning grey as it filled the bathtub! It started to feel like a scene from the Money Pit until we realized that the water from the water heater had been stagnant for several months and was the likely culprit.

Friday: Move-in Day 2

An omen?

An omen?

Mike brought over the full U-haul to my parents house so we can get an early start on Monday. We woke up at 6:30am to drive over to the building and begin moving. We were directed to the loading dock at the building which is apparently the home to a tiny black cat (A sign? I hope not). My dad, Bob, Mike and I made many trips up to the 24th floor…box after box we filled up the empty unit until there wasn’t an inch left.

After a morning full of moving Mike and I took advantage of the afternoon and went to pick up a few more items in Deerfield and Weston. We also went on a mini-shopping spree at Wal-Mart and Ikea (we are now VERY poor).

Saturday: Move-in Day 3

Breakfast was delivered straight to our door by my aunt and Prisy – nothing like cafe con leche, a tostada, and pastelitos to start off a busy day. My parents and Marcus came over bright and early to help clean. We all put on our yellow gloves and grabbed a mop, Clorox wipey, or Windex bottle and got to work! Even though it was my mom’s birthday, she got to work washing all our plates, cups, utensils, etc which was a HUGE help!

Marcus on the Balcony

Marcus on the Balcony

Everything started falling into place – couches, dining table, bed, and pantry stocked (well sort of). We had a little time to wind down and enjoy the view – the bridge gets a lot of action!  Marcus was in love with the balcony and pointed out all of the boats floating by on the River.

Sunday: Move-in Day 4

Our legs are sore and feet in pain, but we woke up early on Sunday to get back to work. Stella and Marcus took the Metrorail from the Dadeland station. Stella was HUGE help in organizing the  closet (which right now is 60% Vanessa and 40% Mike). Comcast came by to set up our cable and internet (YEY!!!!!! Our lifelines) so thankfully we had a back to back Spongebob Squarepants marathon for Marcus and our sanity.

Later in the day Susan and Jim came by to drop off a few things, check out the place for the first time, and treat us to dinner for my mom’s birthday. Mich also stopped by and came along to dinner.  One big happy family!

Chatting on the Balcony

Chatting on the Balcony

Thanks to everyone who came by to help! Bob, Mom, Dad, Tia Betty, Prisy, Stella, Marcus, Jim, Susan, and Mich!


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