Rock n’ Roll and Pizza

On Saturday, CasaMartinez opened up it’s doors to my two bestest friends – Xenia and Suzell as well as thier significant others (Pete and Xavier).  This was thier first visit to the condo and so we celebrated with signature martinis which Sue and I downed ourselves and a few simple appetizers I made.

Of course in true Vanessa fashion I was not ready when they came over because I had forgotten to purchase the main ingredient in my spinach dip – SPINACH! – and had to run over to Publix (yes, the one I hate) to grab a bag of those suckers! Thankfully the signature drinks were ready, the spinach dip had been prepared ahead of time (minus the spinach) and my super fabulous finace was there to greet our guests – in a towel, but he was there to greet them none the less.

I love Rock and Roll

I love Rock and Roll

The night though went fabulously! The boys started off the night by watching the second half of the Heat game and WE WON!!!! Then they moved on to playing a few songs on our Rock Band. And finally we were off to take a short Metromover trip to Mary Brickell Village for dinner. We ended up at this really delicious Italian pizza parlor called Piola and enojoyed the live Spanish music playing next door at Badrutts. It truley felt like we were in Europe for a split second.

After dinner we just walked around a little more, bought another six pack, and headed back to the condo for some more Rock Band…and of course birthday cake! Happy early birthday Xen!

gli amici per mai

gli amici per mai


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