Domesticated Diva – NOT!

So, I’m the type of girl who wants it all.  I want to be a career woman, a loyal friend, a grateful daughter, and now a fabulous wifey!  Taking a page from the 1950’s, pre-bra burning era a wifey takes care of the home, her husband, and her childern.  Although I firmly stand by some of my feminist thinking I do want to be good at all of those “domestic” duties.

Challenge #1 – Improve cooking skills.

Yesterday, I decided to surprise Mike and cook dinner for us. I pulled up a recipe titled “Easy Chicken Cutlet” – sounded like something right up my alley – and chose instant pasta as my side.

I started by pulling out a few different bowls – one for the eggs, one for the bread crumbs, and another for the washed chicken (apparently I’m overly paranoid about salmonella).  I rummaged through the cupboard for different spices to sprinkle on the chicken once I had breaded it and pulled out the frying pan.  Then poured a cap full of oil onto the pan and threw on my first cutlet.

I questioned myself on how long I should leave the chicken cooking on each side and so ran to ask Mike.  When I got back there was an unusual amount of smoke in the air. I flipped over the chicken per Mike’s instructions and realized I was a little too late.  The chicken was mostly black and crispy.  I finished cooking that piece and put the next cutlet on the pan. I did this 5 times…apparently I’m not a person who improves with trial and error (at least when it comes to cooking).

Needless to say, we didn’t really enjoy the Surprise Chicken Cutlet meal. BUT I did force us to eat it!

Smokey, messy kitchen

Smokey, messy kitchen

Yummy Burnt Chicken

Yummy Burnt Chicken

Mike showing me how it's done

Mike showing me how it's done


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