Mike and I are so lucky! We have such generous family and friends.

Last week wedding gifts began to arrive at our home. Every day as I got home from work I had a package or two to pick up at the front desk. It was so exciting to bring up those Macy’s boxes and open them up. It’s really such an exciting time!

One of the gifts we received last week was a baking set I requested from the Martha Stewart Collection at Macy’s. On Saturday while I was fulfilling my domestic duties around the apartment I decided to bake some cookies for my family and a special batch for Mike.

Cooling the Cookies

Cooling the Cookies

I baked some Toll House chocolate chip cookies and mini brownie bites. Although they turned out a little crunchy I recieved some rave reviews.

Cookies Presentation

Cookies Presentation

Mike's Special Package

Mike's Special Package

Thanks to Cindy Burke for this great gift!


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