Party On!

Mike and I want to extend our wedding day as long as possible.  In that spirit we’ve planned an after-party just one block away from the National Hotel.

Today I finalized plans with Louie from Studio @ The Shelborne Hotel. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Studio it’s a SUPER fun karaoke bar with over 55,000 songs on file and all sorts of instruments on the walls.

Get those vocal cords ready for some singing!!! (Of course if you don’t sing you can be a back up dancer, play one of the musical instruments, or just sing and laugh from the crowd).

Here are Mike and Jeff jamming at Studio the night we celebrated our engagement.

From Thanksgiving Weekend / Engagement

No driving or changing necessary. We’re all literally going as we are – either walking or a short taxi ride as soon as the reception is over. Email me if you have questions or want more details.


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