How to make the perfect Cafe Cubano!

As I continue to slowly become more domesticated, I’ve been working diligently on perfecting my Cuban coffee brewing skills.

In high school I worked part-time as a receptionist at a car dealership and had to deal with a few creepy old men who thought my only responsibility was to make them Cuban coffee. After I told one of these creepy salesmen that I did not know how to make Cuban coffee he proceeded to tell me that if I ever wanted to get married I needed to learn how to make the perfect shot of Cuban coffee.

Thankfully I married a man who could careless about my Cuban coffee-making skills, but for my own knowledge I’ve been working months to perfect my “cafesito“.

Here’s a step-by-step guide:

First thing’s first, you need the right ingredients: coffee maker (aka cafetera), Pilon coffee, and sugar. Okay, now we’re ready to make some coffee:

1. Unscrew the bottom piece of the cafetera and fill with water up to the screw.

2. Fill the filter with coffee and remember to pack it in tightly using your spoon.

3. Put the filter in the bottom piece you filled with water and screw on the top.

4. Turn your burner to High and place the cafetera on the stove. (I leave the lid open so I can see when the first bit of coffee bubbles up.

5. While you wait for the coffee to bubble up, pull out a separate cup and pour 2 1/2 tablespoons of sugar into the cup.

6. Once the first drips of coffee begin to fill the cafetera pour that into the cup you’ve set aside.  It’s really important that you do not fill the cup, but just pour a little of the coffee (maybe 2 tablespoons) into the cup for now. Return the cafetera to the stove to continue brewing.

7. Stir the coffee and sugar that are now in the cup to make a thick paste.

8. Once the cafetera has finished making all the coffee pour all the coffee into the cup and stir to make espumitas.

9. Pour into small tea cups and serve hot. 🙂


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