Favorite posts of the Week – 1/27 Double Edition

Okay, okay…I slacked off last week. So this week my list is going to be longer and more fabulous! So, let’s get to it….

Here are my favorite posts from the last TWO weeks:

So you know you watch House Hunters and Property Virgins on HGTV living vicariously through those home buyers as they search for the “perfect” master bedroom, two car garage, or outdoor living space. Unfortunately, most of us aren’t in a position to trade our current digs for a brand new home. This week Houzz.com is here to help! In a post titled “How to Improve the Home You Have” they featured tips on how to knock down walls to attain that “open concept” feel, or enhance your curb appeal by adding a pop of color to your front door, or (my fav) make a bunch of holes in your exterior walls and add floor to ceiling windows!!

Staying Put by Duo Dickinson traditional living room

Okay, fine – I admit it! I still follow wedding blogs. The weddings featured on Style Me Pretty are just too beautiful to not gush over on a daily basis. However, this Hindu/Jewish/Christian Fusion wedding stood out to me. The colors, the tradition, ugh…just gorgeous. I’ve attended Jewish and Christian weddings, but seriously can someone please invite me to a Hindu wedding?

Seriously, how amazing is this?

It’s never too early to start collecting inspiration for your future baby’s nursery, right? Everyone on Pinterest knows what I mean. Well anyway….this week Apartment Therapy featured a Music Inspired Nursery which had a modern twist. I loved that it had a more mature feel with the striped carpet, black-white color scheme with only pops of color, and modern crib and chair. How do you feel about this  “mature” nursery? BTW – how cute is the name Mila? A potential add to my running baby name list? Hmmm…

A linen dress, sun-kissed skin, a warm breeze in the air, and a cold glass of lemonade….this is what i picture when I read through this post by Coco+Kelley.  All of the rooms featured in this post are bright, sunny, and simple with a few fun rattan accents – chairs, beach bags, etc – and a few unique pieces – like a zebra patterned rug – that add some fun to the rooms. Here’s their roundup for how to achieve this look in your home:

Coco+Kelley: Interiors to Inspire

Have you ever stumbled upon something online and thought “Hey! That was my idea”? Well this week I saw this website featured on a fashion blog and almost died. I swear I thought of this idea when I first married my husband. I used to live in a house full of women where we shared clothes, shoes, jewelry and, best of all, helped critique each others outfits. BUT, when I got married and moved in with my hubbie I basically had to fend for myself (for the first time) and figure out my own outfit choices. One day while pondering this fact I thought “wouldn’t it be great if I could upload a picture of myself and have people comment on whether they liked the outfit or not AND even provide suggestions”? Well the GENIUSES at Fashionfy had the same idea and actually made it come to fruition!!! Check it out and let me know what you think!

Maybe it’s becuase I’m a workaholic, but I’m always drawn to lovely office spaces.  This week La Dolce Vita featured two very different home office spaces – and I’m having such a hard time deciding which one I love more. Option #1 – an elegant, dramatic, feminine space that just screams I’m a powerful business woman or Option #2 – a clean, zen space where you can spend many productive hours getting lots of work done.

Which of these two is more your style?

Have a great weekend everyone!

Personalized Stationery: Do or Don’t?

I’m a BIG greeting card fan. I LOVE greeting cards. I usually get all lovey, dovey and spill out all my emotions on them. However, many times I find myself scrambling at the last minute to buy one before heading out to an event (birthday, anniversary, etc). After a recent incident where I made a big stink, forced my husband to stop at the nearest CVS and made us late, he made a brilliant suggestion – let’s buy some stationery! Honestly, I don’t know why I didn’t think of that. It’s simple, cute, and just makes life so much easier.

I know lots of people who purchase stationery as part of their wedding invitation package and use them to send out their wedding-related “Thank You”s but I really don’t see many people using them after that.  So it makes me question how people would feel receiving my monogrammed stationery card as their birthday card? anniversary card? Would they think it’s cute or cheesy? Would anyone even care?

Personally, I really love the idea —and feel more in love with stationery after finding a few really adorable options. Depending on how much you’re willing to spend there are some really elegant, classic styles or some more fun, casual options.

1. The Stationery Studio | Ecru Side Fold Note Card Set
2. The Stationery Studio | Scalloped Flat Note Card Set
3. Simply Paperie | Personalized Monogram Stationery
4. Minted.com | Fruits + Flora Personalized Stationery
5. OH Louise! Designs | Viney Monogrammed Stationery

How do YOU feel about stationery? Do you have monogrammed stationery?

Things that make OUR house a home

Last year I saw some really cool blogs that were made up of just pictures. One blog was a visual documentary of this person’s life over the course of the year. He would take one picture a day and post it on the blog as a visual representation of his day. After some searching and digging through my email archives – I believe this is it – and he’s still doing it!

I love the idea of using an image to convey an emotion or capture a moment. Although, I cannot commit to posting a picture every day I thought it would be fun to share with you the little things around Casa Martinez that make our house a home (OUR home)!


My business travel essentials

I travel fairly often for work and so I’m constantly perfecting my business travel style. Often times my trips are day trips which require me to get up before the sun and don’t get me back home until way after my bed time. These 16 hour trips call for practical and comfortable travel style, but I feel like I can’t ever get it right.

After a 16 hour day trip earlier this week, I couldn’t help but think of what my ideal business travel “survival kit” should consist of.

Let’s talk about shoes!

If you’re traveling for business most of the time it means you’re meeting with clients or going to an important meeting that requires you to “dress up”. I’m a heels kind-of-girl and so I always wear heels to a meeting, BUT that isn’t very comfortable when traveling. So, first on my survival kit – Light-weight, comfortable flats.  Ideal for easily slipping off and on at the Security check-points and running like mad to catch your flight.

Miz Mooz Panther Flat

Carry on bags

Fortunately while on day trips I don’t have to lug suitcase with me, but it almost makes it more difficult because I then have to figure out a way to bring all my essentials. Laptop, Notebook, Makeup, Reading Material (I always take non-work related reading to de-stress), etc. I end up pulling out my biggest tote bag and stuffing it with tons of stuff, as well as my everyday laptop bag which is already stuffed with a bunch of stuff I don’t need to travel with. Survival kit item #2 – Large, comfortable tote bag. I’m aiming for ONE where I can carry my laptop, notebook, and personal items.

Windsor Double Handle Hand Bag

Tumi | Quintessential Tote

Get comfortable!

When taking late flights back home, I usually bring along my travel pillow. I’m not a fan of the neck pillow – I just don’t get how having your neck hang to the side is comfortable. However, I did find this comfy pillow from Brookstone which fits right up against your neck on your shoulder. I usually just use it like a pillow up against the window.

The  basics (essentials)

Here are a few other things that help keep me comfortable, organized, and stress-free.

Travel document holder – my sister gave me a monogrammed one from Pottery Barn a few years ago for Christmas. Super helpful in keeping my travel documents in one place, and helps me not be a hot mess when in the TSA line. I’m really liking these colorful, thin and AMAZINGLY priced document holders from The Container Store.

The Container Store | Capri Document Holders

Leisure reading material– Ugh. After a day of travel, prepping for your meetings, attending meetings, etc what’s better than taking a bit during your flights to just relax? Pick up a People magazine and give your mind a break and read about Jennifer Aniston’s millionth pregnancy or look through endless pages of what Kim Kardashian wore while shopping. Better yet – bring a nice book. I just started reading The Girl Who Played with Fire. 

Water! – Before, during, and after. During longggg travel days I like to stay hydrated because it makes me feel good (especially if I have to eat airport food). BUT, also because I know flying can dehydrate you so…it’s a win win. Oh, and it doesn’t hurt to also bring along some Airborne to drop into your water just in case your throat starts to feel a little scratchy. I had a cougher next to me on a flight last week and had to pop vitamin C’s for the days that followed.

What’s on YOUR list of travel essentials? What else should I bring along to make my business travel more comfy?

Favorite posts of the Week – 1/14 Edition

Wow, this week flew by! My workload is starting to pick  back up so I’ve had a few late nights, but staying dedicated to blogging! 2012 is the year of the BLOG! lol

Anyway, here is a round up of my favorite posts for the week. Enjoy!

This Dallas home tour featured on Houzz.com is amazing. The Martini Room pictured is fabulous (I can’t imagine a martini room NOT being fabulous) — that chandelier makes the room! That funky mirror in the dining room is to die for and goes perfectly with the lamps on the buffet. And to make you even more jealous top it off who wouldn’t want that spacious closet?!?! There are definitely many pin-worthy pictures in this post!

I’m really into inspiration boards. I’ve used them a few times for events I have had the pleasure of helping friends and family plan, but haven’t had an opportunity to create one for a home decorating project. In this post Beth from Home Stories A to Z created a lovely inspiration board for her new half bath. I can’t wait to see how the tile wall turns out and if she can find a mirror as gorgeous as the one on her board.

The folks at Storkie.com have selected Tangerine as the Color of the Year for 2012, and I’m actually loving the combinations they’re suggesting, especially Tangerine and Pink.  I think the color scheme is beautiful for showers, birthday parties for adults or children, and even a spring/summer wedding. Someone on Polyvore is even getting in on the action and created a fashion board inspired by this bright color. Would YOU wear tangerine?

Tangerine | Color of the Year 2012

Tangerine | Color of the Year 2012

I don’t have kids, but follow several event blogs that feature kids parties. This week I saw an adorable tween spa party full of pedicures, mud masks, and sugar scrubs. According to the post, the stationery package is available to purchase on Etsy making this party easy to reproduce! A few months back I also pinned this adorable spa party for little girls – it was the cutest! Btw, isn’t that hombre pink cake in the tween post adorable? I’ve been obsessed with those types of cakes for a few weeks now. You can check out a few other hombre cake ideas on my Adventures in Baking Pinterest board.

Pink Ombre Swirl Cake

DIY: Iconic Monument Artwork

A few months ago I was inspired by this artwork Alaina from Live Creating Yourself hung above her couch, and decided I’d try to recreate my own Big Ben and Eiffel Tower for my guest bathroom.

What do you think?

From CasaMartinez