Welcome to the Dirty Thirties Kate!

The Duchess of Cambridge is celebrating her birthday today, and since we’ve I’ve been obsessed with her ever since the Royal Wedding I figured I’d celebrate by admiring some of her best outfits over the last year. I almost need two posts to get in all my favorites, but had to contain myself and give you those at the top of my list.

I love her classic style, yet I think she surprises us by being (a little) daring at times. I love the clutch she’s rocking on Canada Day – top middle – it looks like a Spanish fan (abanico) and that dress is gorgeous; it’s actually the same one she wore for her engagement pictures. And those fascinators….a-m-a-z-i-n-g. Can we please adopt that trend in the US?

From CasaMartinez

Happy 30th Kate!

P.S. Do you agree with my top picks? What are your favorite Duchess looks?


One thought on “Welcome to the Dirty Thirties Kate!

  1. Suzell Rodriguez says:

    She ALWAYS looks amazing! She’s so beautiful and regal with that “girl next door” look at the same time. And she’s our age! Love that we have her as a fashion role model! I love the Lilac gown and the jeans and button down shirt look. Just always flawless. Kinda like Jennifer Aniston, but you know…royal.

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