Boudoir Session: Do or Don’t?

Seriously, who doesn’t like to flaunt their stuff in some cute lingerie for their man? But how many of us are confident enough to flaunt it in front of a photographer … and even more to have it made into a photobook that your dad or kids can find? Ekkk…

I find boudoir sessions fascinating, and admire the women who have enough confidence to pull it off. Every time I stumble upon some pictures I envision what my boudoir session could look like – and I’ve even pinned a few inspirational shots, but at the end of the day I don’t think this is something I would ever do.

First of all I don’t think the camera loves me — and I don’t necessarily love the camera either, as I discovered during my wedding. Secondly, I’d probably need too many tequila shots to be able to “turn on” the sexy, but that only means I’ll have blood shot eyes. lol. And finally, what the heck am I to do with all of these pictures? The whole point is to give it to my hubbie for him to enjoy, but after he’s looked at it a few times what is he supposed to do with it? Stuff it in his sock drawer? That doesn’t sound very sexy to me.

Anyway, I’ll keep fantasizing about my boudoir session. Join me in picturing your own — here’s some inspiration….

From CasaMartinez

Tell me! Would you do it?


2 thoughts on “Boudoir Session: Do or Don’t?

  1. Fit Chick on the Fly says:

    I’m pretty sure your hubby would be more than happy to stuff those tasteful-naughty pics in his sock drawer! I say go for it…even if you have to drown yourself in a bottle of tequila! So actually we can call them drunken-tasteful-naughty pics LOL

  2. Ana Feliciano-Alvarez says:

    Been there and done that, sweet pea!!!! I say GO FOR IT! You never know how the pics will look until you try…you never know, you just might surprise yourself. Besides, don’t you want to look at these pics when you are old and wrinkled and remind yourself about how HOT you were in your youth?

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