Tattoos Professing Your Love: Do or Don’t?

A few weeks ago a coworker celebrated her wedding anniversary by surprising her husband with a tattoo of his name on her wrist. I thought it was such a special gift. The tattoo was done beautifully – it was small, dainty, and in a whimsical, cursive. She said her hubbie smiled from ear to ear when she revealed the surprise.

Although I love the idea of my coworker’s anniversary gift, I’m not sure if that’s something I could ever do. I’ve admired other people’s tattoos and there are definitely beautiful ones out there, but it’s something that I’ve never felt was my style. One thing I always think about when the idea of a tattoo enters my mind is how it would look when I’m 70. Um, probably not so cute…

I did a bit of research for some love-themed tattoos to either give you inspiration for your own or to admire from afar.

romantic wrist tattoo

romantic wrist tattoo

heart outline with name inscripted

heart outline with name inscripted

Finger tattoo

Finger tattoo

What do YOU think? Would you ever use your body to profess your love for your significant other?


2 thoughts on “Tattoos Professing Your Love: Do or Don’t?

  1. susyhomemaker says:

    It’s weird because I’m not a big fan of tattoos AT ALL and tattooing someone’s name on your body is pretty high on my list Stupidest Things People Can Do list but that being said, I guess I usually think of young, naive lovers who think their current bf/gf will surely be their one and only, forever and ever. Ha! Cue a call to the tattoo removal place 10 years later.

    YET, as a present for your husband, it kinda works. It doesn’t seem silly when you’re in a more committed relationship. I can see the beauty and intimacy of it. I get it. I’m thinking I should get a little X tattoo somewhere. Of course I won’t, but it’d be nice and he’d love it.

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