Favorite posts of the Week – 1/27 Double Edition

Okay, okay…I slacked off last week. So this week my list is going to be longer and more fabulous! So, let’s get to it….

Here are my favorite posts from the last TWO weeks:

So you know you watch House Hunters and Property Virgins on HGTV living vicariously through those home buyers as they search for the “perfect” master bedroom, two car garage, or outdoor living space. Unfortunately, most of us aren’t in a position to trade our current digs for a brand new home. This week Houzz.com is here to help! In a post titled “How to Improve the Home You Have” they featured tips on how to knock down walls to attain that “open concept” feel, or enhance your curb appeal by adding a pop of color to your front door, or (my fav) make a bunch of holes in your exterior walls and add floor to ceiling windows!!

Staying Put by Duo Dickinson traditional living room

Okay, fine – I admit it! I still follow wedding blogs. The weddings featured on Style Me Pretty are just too beautiful to not gush over on a daily basis. However, this Hindu/Jewish/Christian Fusion wedding stood out to me. The colors, the tradition, ugh…just gorgeous. I’ve attended Jewish and Christian weddings, but seriously can someone please invite me to a Hindu wedding?

Seriously, how amazing is this?

It’s never too early to start collecting inspiration for your future baby’s nursery, right? Everyone on Pinterest knows what I mean. Well anyway….this week Apartment Therapy featured a Music Inspired Nursery which had a modern twist. I loved that it had a more mature feel with the striped carpet, black-white color scheme with only pops of color, and modern crib and chair. How do you feel about this  “mature” nursery? BTW – how cute is the name Mila? A potential add to my running baby name list? Hmmm…

A linen dress, sun-kissed skin, a warm breeze in the air, and a cold glass of lemonade….this is what i picture when I read through this post by Coco+Kelley.  All of the rooms featured in this post are bright, sunny, and simple with a few fun rattan accents – chairs, beach bags, etc – and a few unique pieces – like a zebra patterned rug – that add some fun to the rooms. Here’s their roundup for how to achieve this look in your home:

Coco+Kelley: Interiors to Inspire

Have you ever stumbled upon something online and thought “Hey! That was my idea”? Well this week I saw this website featured on a fashion blog and almost died. I swear I thought of this idea when I first married my husband. I used to live in a house full of women where we shared clothes, shoes, jewelry and, best of all, helped critique each others outfits. BUT, when I got married and moved in with my hubbie I basically had to fend for myself (for the first time) and figure out my own outfit choices. One day while pondering this fact I thought “wouldn’t it be great if I could upload a picture of myself and have people comment on whether they liked the outfit or not AND even provide suggestions”? Well the GENIUSES at Fashionfy had the same idea and actually made it come to fruition!!! Check it out and let me know what you think!

Maybe it’s becuase I’m a workaholic, but I’m always drawn to lovely office spaces.  This week La Dolce Vita featured two very different home office spaces – and I’m having such a hard time deciding which one I love more. Option #1 – an elegant, dramatic, feminine space that just screams I’m a powerful business woman or Option #2 – a clean, zen space where you can spend many productive hours getting lots of work done.

Which of these two is more your style?

Have a great weekend everyone!

The Blogosphere – Favorite posts of the Week

I have a deep love for blogs. There are so many amazing ideas and points of view out there — I can literally spend hours reading blogs and searching for new, fun blogs to follow. My love first started when I was planning my wedding. Now, although I still follow some of the same wedding blogs (for fun), my Google Reader is filled with blogs on fashion, home decorating, and travel.

Many people ask me what blogs I follow, so I thought it might be fun to share with you my favorite blog posts each week.

Here are my favorite posts from the week of January 2nd:

I love DIY projects. I have a list of projects to tackle this year and just added this fun DIY Yarn Chandelier to my list. This is perfect for parties or even unique decor around the house (maybe over the dining room table in more subdued colors?). Check it out and let me know what other uses YOU think these chandeliers might have.

I love Target’s on-going collaborations with fashion designers. It’s great to have the opportunity to buy and wear pieces created by amazing fashion designers, BUT without breaking the bank. This week The Budget Babe was all over Target’s  next collection debuting in February – Jason Wu for Target. Check out all of her posts here, here, and here.

I’m always looking for cool color combinations . This week Coco+Kelley featured a beautiful combination of aquamarine and navy blue. Check out the post to see how they make this color scheme work in the home and as a cute outfit. Earlier this summer I was on a mission to find inspiration for our patio which I wanted to decorate in blues and corals. What color combos are YOU into lately?

I’ve been obsessed with kitchens lately – especially since I might be embarking on a kitchen redo of my own (more on that soon). This particular kitchen featured on La Dolce Vita is AMAZING! Seriously how beautiful is that globe chandelier, the bright breakfast nook, and those mirrored cabinet doors?

This is so domestic of me, but seriously my favorite post of the week was Kitchen Pantry Makeovers by Home Stories A to Z. How amazing are those pantries? You can pull great ideas from each and every pantry featured in the post. I love the idea of the chalkboard labels on the jars and bottles, the door racks, and the labeled wicker baskets that help organize those random sized items that always look messy. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

How cool are the chalkboard lables on those jars?

Check out other “gems” I discovered on my favorite blogs by browsing through my latest pins on Pinterest.