Personalized Stationery: Do or Don’t?

I’m a BIG greeting card fan. I LOVE greeting cards. I usually get all lovey, dovey and spill out all my emotions on them. However, many times I find myself scrambling at the last minute to buy one before heading out to an event (birthday, anniversary, etc). After a recent incident where I made a big stink, forced my husband to stop at the nearest CVS and made us late, he made a brilliant suggestion – let’s buy some stationery! Honestly, I don’t know why I didn’t think of that. It’s simple, cute, and just makes life so much easier.

I know lots of people who purchase stationery as part of their wedding invitation package and use them to send out their wedding-related “Thank You”s but I really don’t see many people using them after that.  So it makes me question how people would feel receiving my monogrammed stationery card as their birthday card? anniversary card? Would they think it’s cute or cheesy? Would anyone even care?

Personally, I really love the idea —and feel more in love with stationery after finding a few really adorable options. Depending on how much you’re willing to spend there are some really elegant, classic styles or some more fun, casual options.

1. The Stationery Studio | Ecru Side Fold Note Card Set
2. The Stationery Studio | Scalloped Flat Note Card Set
3. Simply Paperie | Personalized Monogram Stationery
4. | Fruits + Flora Personalized Stationery
5. OH Louise! Designs | Viney Monogrammed Stationery

How do YOU feel about stationery? Do you have monogrammed stationery?