Slacker Blogger

I’ve been the slacker blogger lately.  Mike and I are pretty busy with wedding decisions, as well as still making our new little apartment nice and cozy.

The apartment is coming along nicely. Most of the boxes are gone and items stored in thier new places. All of the real essentials have been purchased (or “borrowed” from our parents’ homes). : -)

Our real next step is decorating! That’s definitely a task I’m eager to start. Right now our walls and floors are bare and a sea of brown, tan, and white.  Soon though we will have COLOR – green, yellow, red, blue…well maybe not all of those colors, but a little splash of color here and there would work perfectly!

Once we get our camera fixed, which is in the plans for this weekend, hopefully I can post some pictures of the progress we’ve made in the apartment.

Talk to you soon!